DRC’s Decentralization Process: Katanga Peels Away to “Katanga”?

The Eastern Congo Tribune

Honorable Gabriel Kyungu Wa Kumwanza is the president of Katanga’s Provincial Parliament. On 31st December 2014, during a provincial parliament session, he has challenged the national parliament over the territorial reconfiguration of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) being undertaken within the ongoing extraordinary session of December-January. Amid the Katumbi enigmatic statement over a manipulated football match, Kyungu has clearly stated that Katanga province is not concerned by the territorial reconfiguration process as matter of fully implementing the decentralization program stipulated into the 2006 constitution. He called on members of the national parliament to be responsible over any decision of splitting Katanga into 4 provinces. It might have been so chocking on central level to have the Kyungu’s public announcement within the fragile socio-political context of DRC, especially within the inner circle of the power. And what does all this mean to Katanga? Peeling away?

The Democratic Republic of Congo…

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