Mongbwalu (Ituri – DRC) : A death due to seal 7 health facilities by the General Directorate of Taxes

The DRC’s Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) sealed Saturday to Sunday, December 22 Mungwalu of some facilities , a mining town located 80 kilometers north of Bunia (Eastern Province) , for non-payment of taxes. It also removed all patients who were hospitalized . Health authorities in Ituri denounce a « criminal » act by the DGI , indicating that a patient who was on a drip died after being sent to a clinic.

September health posts were sealed Saturday forenoon to Mungwalu . Some patients who were hospitalized in these health facilities before being transferred to the referral hospital were dislodged by the DGI .

The manager of the health zone Mungwalu director Jean Analeko says that some patients who were under perfusion were even torn from their beds. One of them , driven clinic  » God sees you  » , died at 20 am (local time ) , lack of medical care, according to John Analeko .

The chief city, Jean Pierre Bikilisende confirms this operation forced by tax officials recovery , ensuring , however, that patients were not worried :

« I ‘m not aware of [ eviction ] sick . But what I know they ‘re [ DGI ] began operation two days bans shops . Now it is in the health centers.  »

According to local sources , each health post is obliged to pay 600,000 Congolese francs of taxes ( 6 522 USD ) per year.

Tax officials have unsealed the health posts since Sunday morning , continued the same sources without elaborating.

The Kivu Times and Radio Okapi could not reach the head of the DGI Mungwalu .